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Such an understanding is essential because an organization cannot act directly on value. It has to act on things it can influence—customer satisfaction, cost, capital expenditures, and so on. Moreover, it is through these drivers of value that senior management learns to understand the rest of the organization and to establish a dialogue about what it expects to be accomplished.

value based definition

Instead, it calls on managers to use value-based performance metrics for making better decisions. It entails managing the balance sheet as well as the income statement, and balancing long- and short-term perspectives. Willingness to pay is the highest price a customer is willing to pay for your product or service.

Key Principles of Value-Based Selling

In this context, health outcomes can be described in terms of capability, comfort, and calm.4
Capability is the ability of patients to do the things that define them as individuals and enable them to be themselves. In addition to reducing pain, improving patients’ comfort requires addressing the distress and anxiety that frequently accompany or exacerbate illness. It encompasses freedom from the chaos that patients often experience in the health care delivery system, and it is especially important for people with chronic and long-term conditions. Care that improves outcomes in all 3 of these dimensions creates a better experience for patients.

Those outcomes cluster by patient segment—the outcomes that matter most to patients with congestive heart failure are strikingly consistent while also markedly different from the outcomes that matter most to women who are pregnant. Within any given patient segment, though, patients define health in terms of capability, comfort, and calm, as described above, and these dimensions can be usually captured in 3 to 5 measures. For example, men undergoing prostate cancer surgery are most concerned about the common impairments from that procedure—incontinence, impotence, and depression—as well as time away from work for recovery. Implementing multifaceted solutions requires a dedicated team drawn from an array of disciplines, many of which are not typically viewed as medical.

Characteristics of value-based pricing

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value based definition

This is the level of goodwill, loyalty, and brand enthusiasm the customer feels after making a purchase, which is typically tied to the value they’ve claimed from the transaction. If the rep wanted to value sell based on financial incentives, they might try to cite case studies of other regional restaurant chains that saw boosts in revenue or considerable savings as a result of leveraging the platform. They would likely reference the hard numbers behind those improvements and demonstrate how their prospect’s business could fit a similar mold.

Communicate how your product provides value to the customer.

If they wanted to sell based on qualitative value, they might speak to how owners who leverage the platform deal with fewer headaches from miscommunication with their construction teams. For the sake of these examples, let’s imagine a SaaS company that sells a construction management platform. A rep from that business is selling to a local fast-food chain, looking to expand its operations into a new region.

If they have multiple segments, they must determine a suitable value-based price for each one. Action plans translate strategy into the specific steps an organization will take to achieve its targets, particularly in the short term. The plans must identify the actions that the organization will take so that it can pursue its goals in a methodical manner. An important part of VBM is a deep understanding of the performance variables that will actually create the value of the business—the key value drivers.


These four processes are linked across the company at the corporate, business-unit, and functional levels. Clearly, strategies and performance targets must be consistent right through the organization if it is to achieve its value creation goals. Instead, those efforts have resulted in a fragmented picture of quality that is not holistic, comprehensive, nor reflective of patient goals. VBCs will affect the way surgeons and other providers and payors define value-based care. VBCs will reward those physicians who provide cost-effective, quality care and who can supply data substantiating that their patients had positive outcomes. Ideally, the expected benefits per dollar spent across covered patients and all health care goods and services should be equal across covered patients.

value based definition

The way that a product is marketed and perceived by consumers is especially important in a value-based pricing strategy. As the price level is going to be higher than a cost-plus strategy, the perceived value needs to be strong. This can cause implementation costs to be more with value-based pricing, as extensive research must be done to arrive at a pricing decision. Also, differentiating the product from similar competing products may require a substantial investment. Each business unit should have its own performance measures—measures it can influence. They end up with purely financial measures that may not tell senior management what is really going on or allow for valid comparisons across business units.

What are the advantages of value-based pricing?

VBM would provide him or her with the information to quantify and compare the value of alternative strategies and the incentive to choose the value-maximizing strategy. Such an incentive is created by specific financial targets set by senior management, by evaluation and compensation systems that reinforce value creation, and—most importantly—by the strategy review process between manager and superiors. In addition, the manager’s own evaluation would be based on long- and short-term targets that measure progress toward the overall value creation objective. Value-based health care connects clinicians to their purpose as healers, supports their professionalism, and can be a powerful mechanism to counter clinician burnout. Critics who characterize value-based health care as underpinning a model of “industrial health care”5 distort the meaning of the term value, misinterpreting it as focused on cost.

  • The difference in pricing is reflected in the scarcity of water at the concert, and the need for concertgoers to drink water.
  • At the outset, it is important to distinguish between “cost” and “price.” In a February 2021 Bulletin article, cost and price were described as two sides of the same coin.12 Price is defined as the amount paid for a good or service.
  • Those could be anything from direct security threats to emerging industry trends they might be struggling to keep pace with.
  • Finally, it puts performance measurement and incentive systems in place to monitor performance against targets and to encourage employees to meet their goals.
  • All told, the impact of improvement in the balance sheet amounted to roughly $500 million.

They must know, for instance, whether more value is created by increasing revenue growth or by improving margins, and they must ensure that their strategy focuses resources and attention on the right option. None of the company’s significant strategic or operating issues were on the table. The team had not even talked to any of the operating managers at the group or business-unit level. Scarcely relevant to the real decision makers, their presentation was a staff-captured exercise that would have no real impact on how the company was run.

Value-Based Selling Focused on Differentiation

With a stronger grasp of how this method works, marketers will be able to make smarter pricing decisions, and employ value-based pricing to increase profits. In Company X, a large consumer products company, the performance of each of its 50 business units was measured by its operating margin or return on sales (ROS). As Exhibit value based definition 8 shows, Company X was “doing better” than its average competitor because it was earning a 15.1 percent ROS compared with an industry average of only 14.3 percent. A few years ago, the chief planning officer of a large company gave us a preview of a presentation intended for his chief financial officer and board of directors.






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