Celebrities Who Have Struggled with Alcohol Addiction

While rehab doesn’t always work for everyone, a hospital or treatment program is the safest way to recover. The singer was found dead in her flat in Camden, north London, on the afternoon of Saturday 23 July 2011. The new inquest repeated the findings that Winehouse had 416mg of alcohol per decilitre in her blood, enough to make her comatose and depress her respiratory system. She was found dead by paramedics, fully clothed, with a laptop on her bed and empty bottles of vodka on the floor.

How old is the oldest alcoholic?

Chemical analyses recently confirmed that the earliest alcoholic beverage in the world was a mixed fermented drink of rice, honey, and hawthorn fruit and/or grape. The residues of the beverage, dated ca. 7000–6600 BCE, were recovered from early pottery from Jiahu, a Neolithic village in the Yellow River Valley.

Benzodiazepines (BZD, BZs), sometimes called “benzos”, are a class of psychoactive drugs. In 2008, approximately 5.2% of US adults aged 18 to 80 years used benzodiazepines. The percentage who used benzodiazepines increased with age from 2.6% (18-35 years) to 5.4% (36-50 years) to 7.4% (51-64 years) to 8.7% (65-80 years). Benzodiazepine use was nearly twice as prevalent in women as men.

John Belushi (Speedball, Cocaine & Heroin)

According to reports, Houston took a combination of drugs including Xanax, marijuana, Flexeril, and cocaine. Best known for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films, Verne Jay Troyer struggled with alcohol abuse and depression for many years. Child actor Bridgette Andersen died due to an accidental overdose on heroin and alcohol. Her overdose may have been caused by years of substance abuse, a lack of support, and a declining professional career. Many famous actors abuse drugs, often in an attempt to cope with the pressures of fame. Here are some of the most well-known actor deaths involving drugs or alcohol.

  • I regret the necessity.” King’s not about to pretend he didn’t have struggles with alcohol, nor does he think he should hide it, either.
  • Through therapy, he was able to identify the triggers that enabled his drinking habits and resolve trauma to get sober before the start of a 2008 tour.
  • In the past, Gibson sought professional help, and checked himself into rehab for his alcohol problem.
  • At Casa Capri Recovery, we believe in providing a safe and supportive environment for women in recovery.
  • Alcoholism is more than simply a lack of self control; today, it is considered an all out addictive disorder.

It was later speculated he died of alcohol poisoning and aspiration pneumonia from vomit traveling into his lungs. Troyer was born with achondroplasia dwarfism, which caused him to stop growing at 2’8”. Troyer was best known for his role in Austin Powers as “Mini-Me.” He suffered for years from alcoholism. The actor had entered numerous treatment programs for alcoholism without success. He drank himself to death—ruled as suicide by alcohol poisoning.

Celebrities Alcohol Addiction

Even though her death is thought to have been a heroin overdose, alcohol also played a role. Alcohol poisoning is usually caused by binge drinking at high intensity. Approximately 38 million U.S. adults report binge drinking an average of four times per month and consuming an average of eight drinks per episode. 2012, an annual average of 2,221 alcohol poisoning deaths (8.8 deaths per 1 million population) occurred among persons aged over 15 years in the United States. The age-adjusted rate of alcohol poisoning deaths in states ranged from 5.3 per 1 million in Alabama to 46.5 per 1 million in Alaska.

high functioning alcoholic

The actor has since turned his life around, expressing how professional treatment changed his life and helped him mend relationships impacted by years of alcohol misuse. While complicated and chronic, alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a condition that can be treated. Below are 15 famous people who struggled with alcohol addiction and found recovery. Throughout the years, many famous people have struggled with drug abuse and addiction. Here are some of the most well-known celebrity overdose deaths. Bon Scott is known as AC/DC’s original lead singer and lyricist.

Drug-Related Deaths – Notable Celebrities

Led Zeppelin’s drummer John Bonham died on Sept. 25, 1980. Bonham was well-known for his drinking problems, both in private and in public. Sadly, it was revealed during his autopsy that he died choking on his vomit, asphyxiation due to massive alcohol consumption.

According to reports, the death was caused by a combination of cocaine, heroin, and other drugs that the actor took. Oxycodone is an opioid prescription painkiller that has been used as a recreational drug. When it became more difficult to get opioids, many people turned to illicit drug dealers to get their fix. The problem is that these street opioids are often counterfeit versions that contain other substances like fentanyl.

He was found by authorities in bed at a residence in Austin, Texas, TMZ reported — though authorities confirmed to PEOPLE that Longo’s death did not happen under suspicious circumstances. We understand that recovery is a personal journey that requires individualized care. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing compassionate, evidence-based treatments that can help our clients move toward a life of sobriety, health, and fulfillment. Phyllis Hyman, a soul singer and actress, was known for her distinctive voice and stage presence.

Lindsey Lohan’s breakdowns are arguably more famous than her movies. News reports and paparazzi followed her relentlessly to document her downward spiral. She suffers from alcoholism and relapsed many times throughout the years. She committed to a long-term program to support her efforts to stay sober. He had gone to sleep in his car after a night of heavy drinking and suffered from acute alcohol poisoning.

Toxicology results revealed additional drugs in her system including diphenhydramine (Benadryl), alprazolam (Xanax), cannabis, and cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril). After a short period of abstinence following treatment, Amy died from accidental alcohol poisoning following a binge-drinking episode. Joining the ranks of addicted celebrities who died at age 27, Amy left her fans and loved ones heartbroken and left the world deprived of a remarkable talent.

  • Binge drinking is a dangerous habit that will cause you physical harm.
  • Finding a qualified financial advisor doesn’t have to be hard.
  • At press time, another example of celebrity substance abuse has surfaced.
  • Mac Miller or Malcolm James McCormick died of a drug overdose in his home in Los Angeles in 2018.
  • He even regularly highlighted these struggles as a part of his stand-up routines.

Winehouse died at the very young age of 27 on July 23, 2011. She started drinking alcohol at just 12 years old and struggled with alcohol addiction for most of her life. She had also dabbled with crack cocaine and heroin later in life while she continued alcohol abuse to numb her mental health issues. Paramedics found her body at her home with empty vodka bottles on the floor.

In 2018, the actor even returned to a treatment center to help manage his substance use cravings to avoid relapse. Today, he hopes to erase the stigma https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/10-celebrities-who-died-because-of-alcoholism/ of addiction and inspire others to never shy from asking for help. At press time, another example of celebrity substance abuse has surfaced.






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