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In the writing section of the TOEFL test, the test taker is evaluated on the ground of his English vocabulary. How well he can make use of the language and different words in his writings is the main motto of the test. Following is a sample essay that will give the TOEFL test taker an idea about the writing pattern and level of vocabulary to be used while preparing for this particular section. This sample essay is based on the topic "Effects of Smoking". Here I have tried to cover the various ill effects of smoking on health and social life. Let us have a look at it as follows.

Topic: Effects of Smoking

According to the estimations of the Lung Association of America, there are almost 50 million people who smoke. I don't understand, why people smoke. What is the thing that attracts so many people towards smoking? it is not true that only the illiterate and rural people smoke because they are unaware of is various side effects. You will be surprised to know that, it is the urban and the educated population who claim themselves to be very well aware of smoking and its number of harmful effects, smoke on a very large scale as compared to the rural and the illiterate ones.

As we all are aware of the fact that cigarette smoking is a frequent cause for many health problems with smokers. To begin with, there are many hazardous ingredients in cigarette tobacco. Some of these ingredients are even found to have poisonous effects on the body and also addictive. The smoke produced by all types of cigarettes is the major releaser of thousands of chemicals that are hazardous to ours and the smokers health. It is observed that there are over 4000 chemicals produced by a burning cigarette and out of these, more than 200 chemicals are found to be poisonous to a persons health.

Now a days there are cigarettes which have filters at their mouth. These filters are added to filter and block the harmful chemicals from getting inside the body and harm the smoker's health. But, these filters can block only some and not all types of chemicals from hampering the human body. For instance, the nicotine contents of tobacco is an addictive drug. It is also one of the most dangerous ingredient of all. This drug is one of the major reasons behind so many people getting addicted to smoking because as soon as a smoker comes in contact with the nicotine contents of tobacco i.e. cigarette, the body of that person starts reacting to this drug immediately by affecting the the blood pressure. This results in either increased or decreased rate of breathing as well as heart rate. It creates almost the same level of impact similar to other addictive drugs such as cocaine and heroine.

Cigarette smoke is also said to contain carbon monoxide. It is the same gas which is also released by the car pipes on combustion of fuel. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which is also colorless and odorless. When this toxic gas comes in contact with blood vessels, it reduces their oxygen carrying capacity. The combined effect of nicotine and carbon monoxide causes an imbalance in the demand of oxygen by the body cells and reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood.

Another hazardous ingredient found in cigarettes is tar. Research have shown that, tar contains at least 30 such irritants which are responsible for causing cancer. Tar is basically a mixture of several such substances which form a sticky substance that settles on the lungs. There are cigarettes which contain reduced quantities of tar and nicotine, but still they are hazardous for one and all of us. So we should try to help people in staying away from such a habit which is not only harmful for them but also for the other people in their vicinity.

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