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To evaluate the English vocabulary skills of the TOEFL test taker, the writing section of the TOEFL test asks the test taker to write an essay. The topics for the essay are either given in the test paper or sometimes the examinee can select a topic of his own and complete the section. This section looks for the points such as use of the language and different words, writing skills etc. Following is a sample essay that will give the TOEFL test taker an idea about the writing pattern and level of vocabulary to be used while preparing for this particular section. This sample essay is based on the topic "Compulsory Primary Education For All". Here I have tried to cover the various aspects of basic education and its effects on the society. Let us have a look at it as follows.

Topic: Compulsory Primary Education for All

We all are very well aware of the benefits of education and its impact on the humans and society. A country is said to be rich if all its citizens are able to read and write. This means that, a country's true richness lies in the hands of its citizens. It is the right of one and all of us to have at least the minimum education which teaches us how to read and how to write. The basic primary education also includes arithmetic which is very essential for all the human beings on the planet earth so that they can take care of their financial and monetary gains and no one can fool them and deprive them of their money.

Let us have a look at the condition of the society where people are educated and know how to read, write and look after their money matters. First of all, if the people know how to read they can keep themselves updated with the current affairs going on in and around the surroundings that they live in. They can have all the knowledge about their topics of interest. No one can betray them or make a fool out of them. Now a days, most of the countries in the world have adopted the democratic type of government. The success of such type of government lies in the hands literacy. Democratic governments are those governments which are made "by the people", "for the people" and "to the people". All the rights are reserved with the population of that particular country. So, if the citizens of such democratic countries fail to receive the basic primary education or are illiterate, then it will result in a great loss to the government and the people as well. Such people fail to understand their rights and powers and hence they are deprived of their fundamental rights. They remain in dark about the current affairs going on in their country. Therefore, the country's government should make some provisions for their citizens so that all of them receive at least the basic primary education for the growth and success of both the country as well as their citizens.

There are numerous reasons for making the primary education compulsory for one and all. One of the biggest reasons why people don't send their children to school is shortage of funds. Instead of sending their children to school, such parents are forced to send their young ones to earn a living for themselves and their family so that they can fulfill at least the basic need of food. In such cases, the government authorities can make provision at least for free primary education so that each and every individual is able to read and write. Free food and clothing can also be provided by the schools run by the government for helping the poor and needy. By doing this, the poor can also get a chance to make their lives better.

Education is not only essential for children but it is equally important for the adults. There is no age limit to learning. It depends on the wish and will power of the individual whether he / she should become educated or not.

It is the duty of every Government to make the primary education free and compulsory. The Government should strive as hard as it can and work with all sincerity to make this scheme a big success, so that all the children of the entire country will come within the scheme. People should co-operate with the Government in this campaign. Students can help their local people to work out the primary education program. During their holidays and vacations they can open camp-schools in their own localities and teach the local children in suitable hours.

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