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The following is an essay on the topic " advantages / disadvantages of watching television" that will give you an idea about how you must prepare for the writing section of the TOEFL test and what is expected from you in this section. You can read the following sample essay and try to improve your English writing kills.

Topic: Advantages/Disadvantages of Watching Television

Apart from the social networking sites, television also is one of the most popular media invented by the man kind for the benefit of man kind. It also forms an indispensable device in our day to day life. Watching TV can keep us connected from the world that we live in as we are updated with what all things are going in and around us. It is essential for one and all of us to take the most benefit from television. But besides these benefits , there are some disadvantages also that we must notice to be sure while watching TV.

Beginning from the first one, most of us will agree to the fact that the invention of television is one of the most important invention responsible for bringing out huge transformations in the field of information and technology. From very long ago, people had already known how to transform information in many different ways. But the real transformation in the field of image transformation was seen only when the first television program went on air. This marked a new age in the history of human inventions. Television nowadays has become very popular, and almost every family has got the access to it. By sitting at home, you can get a whole look at the different events going on all over the world. Whether yo want to know about a particular state or the whole country or world, you can quickly turn on the number of news channels to keep you updated with all the information of your concern. You can have up to date information about the stock markets, the prices of various commodities such as rubber, plastic and many more if you want to make dealings in this market. You can also have a look at the current prices of commodity exchange materials such as gold, copper, silver, crude oil and a lot more so that can utilize this information to gain maximum benefits in the share market.

Apart from the news channels there are other entertainment channels which are broad casted on the television for your entertainment. You can have a look at these channels whenever you are bored or tired of your daily routine to refresh your body and mind. You can also stay fit by watching television. Don't get surprised at this statement. It's true. There are numerous channels related to body and fitness on the television. You can utilize the information provided by the health professionals on these channels and stay fit and fine. They also provide you with tips and advice on healthy eating habits and what diet one must take according to his age and health and daily lifestyle. This may help you keep your body and mind in safe and sound health.

For kids there are ample number of fun and activity channels which they can watch for their fun as well as learn something creative while watching them. Now-a-days, the animation world has become so advanced that they have started making informative and educative series of cartoons from which they can make the make the younger generation aware of their religion and tradition.

Now, let me make you aware of the possible disadvantages of television. Let us start with mis-education. Though there are positive uses of television, it can also be used in a negative way too. The information broad casted on TV can be used by the terrorists and and the bad people for their benefits and harm the society.

In addition to this, children also can get engaged in unsocial activities by watching unsocial and unethical programs on television. Apart from the study, news and entertainment related channels, there are certain channels which are meant only for adults. But, if such channels are accessed by the young ones, then there are very high chances of these young ones getting used to such programs. So, it is very essential for the adults to take care of their children and keep a watch over them while allowing them for watching television.

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