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The following is an essay on the topic "reasons we love chocolates" that will give you an idea about how you must prepare for the writing section of the TOEFL test and what is expected from you in this section. You can read the following sample essay and try to improve your English writing kills.

Topic: Reasons We Love Chocolates

Whether valid or invalid, from a kid to an adult, one and all of us will always have a reason ready beforehand for having chocolates. Some may say they like to eat chocolates because they like sweets, some may say that they are addicted to chocolates, while some may say that chocolates bring waters to their mouths. Apart from these reasons, there are several other reasons behind our love for chocolate. Can anyone of answer the question, "is there any element which is more delicious than chocolates?". Majority of the human population will have no answer for this. Chocolates not only taste sweet but they also change the mood of an individual from bad to good and sometimes very good also. They sooth our brains and makes us feel very relaxed which is very essential in this fast moving, modern world of growing healthy competition. Consuming at least one piece of chocolate each day can boost our energy levels and elp us feel refreshed and energetic.

There are great varieties of chocolates available in the market for serving the different moods and tastes. But, dark chocolate is considered very beneficial for health and heart. It is said that, consuming dark chocolate reduces the chances of blood pressure and keeps our heart healthy and increases its life span. It has less calorific value as compared to the other types of chocolates such as the white and milk chocolate. There are chocolates which contain different types of dry fruits as their filling and then coated with any type of major compounds of chocolates namely dark, white and milk. These chocolates taste very good and serve the purpose of a perfect gift for all types of occasions from birthday to anniversary parties as well as from New Year's Eve to the holy Christmas.

You will also find chocolates flavored with fruits such as orange to give it an unusual tangy taste. For those who like the taste of wine, rum etc. they can fulfill the requirement of their taste buds with assorted chocolates. These chocolates contain very little margin of beverages such as wine, rum, beer and many more.

Chocolate marks its entrance into history in the Yucatan peninsula which is presently known as Mexico, way long before the birth of Jesus Christ. It found its growth in an evergreen tree whose scientific name is 'thobroma cacao '. Thobroma cacao means 'food of the gods'. It was believed by the Aztecs that the feathered snake brought the cocoa tree from Paradise to bless the life of man with power and wisdom.

The chocolates were first discovered by Mayas. They believed that, chocolate had miraculous powers within it. This belief led to the use of chocolate in religious rituals. Not only this, but people of ancient times used chocolates in the treatment of common illnesses such as cough and fever. Chocolate were also found to be used in comforting the pregnant women in their pregnancy pains. The magic Mayan liquor was very different from modern-day hot chocolate. They did not sweeten it because they didn't know about sugar and they used it as exotic spice.

During the decline of the Mayan civilization, the cultivation of chocolate was taken over by the Aztec. They brought enhancements to the mix by adding honey and vanilla to the spicy and sour concoction. Chocolates became so treasured that cocoa seeds were used among gold powder as money. They also served as as means of exchange.

No matter how tempting the chocolate may be, it is very much avoided, especially by people who follow a proper low calorie diet or who are suggested not to consume chocolates at all. The combination of chocolate as well as sugar and vegetable fat causes number of calories to grow at an alarming rate. Nevertheless, the quantity of chocolate that one consumes is also very important. Two to three pieces will surely not affect your weight adversely, but if it consumed in large quantities then it will surely result in health problems.

The greater the interdiction, the greater the temptation. However, with moderate consuming, chocolate does not harm you and instead it can be such a lovely delight! And if not allergic to it, enjoy it in your own ways!

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