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The structure and written expression section of the TOEFL test consists of those questions which can test your knowledge regarding the English grammar. Each part of this section consists of ten sentences each and you are asked to solve each of these sections according to the question asked for each part. Let us have a look at all the parts of structure and written expression sample questions one by one to give you a more clear idea about them.

Complete the following sentences by choosing the most appropriate verb from the given set of options for each question:

  1. But in many countries society has responded by _______ up its own defenses in the shape of social classes or organized corporations.

    1. Throwing
    2. Catching
    3. Throw
    4. None of the above

    Correct answer: a

  2. Many other critics are beginning ________ that when we look at women writers collectively we can see an imaginative continuum, the recurrence of certain patterns, themes, problems, and images from generation to generation.

    1. Agree
    2. To agree
    3. To disagree
    4. None of the above

    Correct answer: b

  3. Many literary historians have _____ to reinterpret and revise the study of women writers.

    1. Begun
    2. Begin
    3. Started
    4. None of the above

    Correct answer: a

  4. Today, however some physicists ------------ the existence of pure glue: gluon without quarks, or gluonium as they call it.

    1. Hypothesize
    2. Hypnotize
    3. Hypothesis
    4. None of the above

    Correct answer: a

  5. In order to increase the number of riders and improve its financial position the transport company has ___________ new air conditioned vehicles for its route from all the directions to the city center.

    1. Purchase
    2. Purchased
    3. Purchasing
    4. None of the above

    Correct answer: b

  6. Some scientists have _________ that, over two hundred million years ago, one giant land mass instead of various continents and island covered one third of the earth.

    1. Proposed
    2. Propose
    3. Proposing
    4. None of the above

    Correct answer: a

  7. This change shows that the preference for sweetened foods is acquired rather than natural, and that without the example of others using sweeteners, whether in television advertisements or in the home, children would _______ the chief causes of obesity and cavities.

    1. Avoided
    2. Avoid
    3. Avoiding
    4. None of the above

    Correct answer: b

  8. It is because spectators prefer _________ on individual personalities that baseball remains a much more popular spectator sport than soccer.

    1. Concentrating
    2. Concentrate
    3. Concentrated
    4. None of the above

    Correct answer: c

  9. The microwave oven has become a standard appliance in many kitchens, mainly because it _________ a fast way of cooing food.

    1. Offered
    2. Offers
    3. Offer
    4. None of the above

    Correct answer: b

  10. All kinds of waste are being _______ and new uses are constantly are being found for almost everything.

    1. Reworked
    2. Rework
    3. Reworking
    4. None of the above

    Correct answer: a

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