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TOEFL Sample Questions : Structure and Written

Prepositional Phrase

Solve the following TOEFL questions by selecting the most appropriate prepositional phrase from the given set of options.

  1. In __________, it is observed that the rate of corruption has increased at a very fast rate.

    1. The past few years
    2. A few years ago
    3. Few years
    4. A few years since

    Correct Answer: a

  2. Some of the prime duties ________ are he or she must be simple and approachable as well as he or she must be down to earth in nature.

    1. Of an HR personnel
    2. To an HR personnel
    3. Of the HR personnel
    4. To the HR personnel

    Correct Answer: a

  3. The diversity and the large sizes of some groups as well as the seemingly monstrous and fantastic nature of the dinosaur family _________ interest and imagination of the general public for over a century.

    1. Has captured the
    2. Have captured the
    3. Will capture the
    4. Has capture the

    Correct Answer: d

  4. The dinosaurs are _________ consisting of the Triceratops, the modern birds i.e. Neornithes as well as the most recent and common ancestors and descendants under the phylogenetic taxonomy.

    1. Found as group
    2. Considered as a group
    3. Thought of as a group
    4. None of the above

    Correct Answer: b

  5. Heightened sense of smells is _________ common symptoms of pregnancy and happens to almost all the pregnant women.

    1. The most
    2. One of the most
    3. In the most
    4. Through the most

    Correct Answer: b

  6. Breast milk is the best possible food for your baby as it provides all the required nutrition as well as all the immunity to fight against illness and gives them the best start for their life.

    1. The best start
    2. The good start
    3. The most best start
    4. The better start

    Correct Answer: a

  7. _________, babies are too busy with themselves, spending most of their time knowing about themselves and exploring the world around them.

    1. At all times
    2. Many a time
    3. Many of the times
    4. Most of the times

    Correct Answer: d

  8. The living micro-organisms which when administered in adequate quantities provide great health benefits for a healthy body and mind are referred to as probiotics _____ World Heath Organization (WHO).

    1. As far as
    2. In reference to the
    3. As per the
    4. None of the above

    Correct Answer: c

  9. _______ changes in work scenario of the Post Offices brought about due to the induction of technology and primacy of business products, the duties and responsibilities of the postman have undergone a vast change.

    1. Because of the
    2. On account of the
    3. With respect to
    4. In accordance with

    Correct Answer: b

  10. _________ hardly have any problem with gaining weight, but there are severe problems about weight loss.

    1. Many of us
    2. Most of us
    3. All of us
    4. Very few of us

    Correct Answer: a

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