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TOEFL Sample Questions : Structure and Written

Noun Clause

Solve the following TOEFL questions by selecting the most appropriate noun clause from the given set of options.

  1. Soy is not a _________ but it's really good for your heart.

    1. very tasty option
    2. very tasty in option
    3. option that tastes very good
    4. option that is very tasty

    Correct answer: a

  2. Not only does vitamin D _________ to absorb calcium, thereby promoting good bone health, it is also essential for overall wellbeing.

    1. helps the bodies
    2. help the body
    3. helps the body
    4. bodies take help from

    Correct answer: b

  3. Not only does vitamin D help the body to absorb calcium, thereby promoting good bone health, it is also essential for __________ .

    1. overall health
    2. full health
    3. overall wellbeing
    4. good health

    Correct answer: c

  4. Studies show that men who regularly eat food rich in lycopene ___________ of developing prostate cancer and heart disease.

    1. have lesser chances
    2. had lesser chances
    3. are having lesser chances
    4. can have less chances

    Correct answer: a

  5. Green leafy vegetables and olive oil are vital for maintaining a ________.

    1. heart full of health
    2. healthy heart
    3. health and heart
    4. strong heart

    Correct answer: b

  6. Starting the day with whole-grain cereal may ________ heart failure in the long run, as whole grains protect against coronary heart disease.

    1. lessen the risks of
    2. lower the risks from
    3. lower the risk of
    4. reduce the risks from

    Correct answer: c

  7. Given that iron is an _________ which is integral to many bodily processes, it is important to try to get enough of this mineral; particularly in the case of pre-menopausal and/or pregnant women who are more prone to deficiency.

    1. very essential vitamin
    2. extremely important nutrient
    3. nutrient which is extremely important
    4. nutrient of extreme importance

    Correct answer: b

  8. Robust sexual health requires many minerals and vitamins but ___________ with Zinc in terms of its pronounced effect.

    1. not one can compete
    2. no one can complete
    3. none can compete
    4. cannot be competed by anyone

    Correct answer: c

  9. Prostate problems are __________ for the first few years and most men realize it when they have progressed to the stage of using steroidal medications or surgery.

    1. very hard to diagnose
    2. diagnosis is very hard
    3. very hard for disgnose
    4. very hard be diagnosed

    Correct answer: a

  10. Vacations with your partner ______________ to find your way back into love and to re-connect as a couple.

    1. is the best time
    2. are the best time
    3. form the best time
    4. from the best time

    Correct answer: b

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