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TOEFL Sample Questions : Structure and Written

Solve the following TOEFL questions by selecting the most appropriate infinitive from the given set of options.

  1. The number of girls in schools and the number of women in parliament has risen, and their overall access to contraception has improved in the past decade, _________ new report.

    1. according to a
    2. according to the
    3. as per the
    4. as stated by the

    Correct answer: a

  2. Long hours and unsociable shifts ______ take their toll on health, relationships and family life.

    1. are able to
    2. could
    3. can
    4. should

    Correct answer: c

  3. After a muscle fiber has worked intensely ___________, it begins to lose potassium, and that dampens the fiber's ability to contract.

    1. for a while
    2. for the while
    3. for a certain period of time
    4. none of the above

  4. Food is after all an important part of chinese culture and mission controllers say it is important _________ China's space pioneers do not go hungry.

    1. to make sure that
    2. to ensure that
    3. in order that
    4. so that

    Correct answer:

  5. The hospital is now discounting 10 standard operations and _______, ranging from having a baby and treating a cataract to undergoing a heart surgery or bypass.

    1. medicines
    2. medication
    3. medical procedures
    4. equipments

    Correct answer: b

  6. Japan's latitudinal spread, ranging from the subtropical in the south to the sub-arctic in the north, makes it _________ of flora and fauna.

    1. a wide diversity
    2. a wide variety
    3. a wide adversity
    4. none of the above

    Correct answer:

  7. The Eiffel Tower __________ during the International Exhibition of Paris of 1889 in order to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution.

    1. was built
    2. is built
    3. that was constructed
    4. that was erected

    Correct answer:

  8. Crushed ice is used to cool drinks and is often applied to injuries where there ________ to remove excess heat generated in the tissues.

    1. is swelling
    2. are swelling
    3. will be swelling
    4. the tissues swell

    Correct answer:

  9. If parents are poor observers _______ behavior so deviant behavior reaches unmanageable proportions.

    1. of their child's
    2. of their childrens
    3. of the behavior of their children
    4. about the behavior of their children

    Correct answer:

  10. We can turn a statement into a question, state whether an action ______ or is soon to take place, and perform many other word tricks to convey subtle differences in meaning.

    1. will take place
    2. has been taken place
    3. has taken place
    4. have been taken place

    Correct answer: c

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