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TOEFL Sample Questions : Structure and Written

Solve the following TOEFL questions by selecting the most appropriate adverb clause from the given set of options.

  1. While it is important to include a ___________ vitamins and minerals into your diet, there are some important nutrients you need to pay special attention to; ones that many of us aren't getting enough .

    1. wide variety of
    2. vast variety of
    3. wide varieties of
    4. more variants of

    Correct answer: a

  2. _______________ in chocolate can cause high blood pressure, insomnia, stress, anxiety and lack of concentration.

    1. Excess of caffeine consumption
    2. Excessive caffeine consumption
    3. consumption of caffeine in excessive
    4. consuming excessive of caffeine

    Correct answer: b

  3. ___________ dark chocolate is heart healthy as it helps to reduce the blood pressure and LDL cholesterol by 10%.

    1. The smallest piece from
    2. The small piece of
    3. A small piece of
    4. A smallest piece of

    Correct answer: c

  4. Many people ____________ when they are depressed, believing that it helps to uplift the mood.

    1. ate most choclates
    2. eating more choclates
    3. eat many choclates
    4. eat more chocolates

    Correct answer: d

  5. Rice is ___________ people who are conscious of their body weight, as well as by diabetics.

    1. mostly avoided by
    2. most of avoided by
    3. maxly avoided by
    4. merely avoided from

    Correct answer: a

  6. The low fibre content of white rice _________ and light on the stomach.

    1. make its easy to digest
    2. makes it easy to digest
    3. made it easy t digest
    4. made their digestion very easy

    Correct answer: b

  7. Research studies ___________ an omega-3 deficiency can lead to depression, aggressive behavior and mood swings, while the essential fatty acids can also prevent heart disease, maintain good eye health, help you lose weight and keep your skin and hair in great condition.

    1. has shown that
    2. had showed that
    3. have shown that
    4. have showed that

    Correct answer: c

  8. However, despite all of these benefits, ___________ consistently fail to get enough omega-3 fatty acids into their diets.

    1. most of the population
    2. many of the people
    3. most of the people
    4. many of the population

    Correct answer: d

  9. An apple also ______ snack for someone who is always on the go.

    1. makes the perfect
    2. made the perfect
    3. makes a perfect
    4. made a perfect

    Corret answer: a

  10. The Vitamin E that almonds contain helps in keeping your cholesterol level __________.

    1. under control
    2. in control
    3. below control
    4. above control

    Correct answer: a

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