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TOEFL Sample Questions : Reading Comprehension

Read the following passage and answer the questions below by selecting the correct option from the given five options.

The most fundamental right of one and all on the planet earth is freedom. It is one of the things that all the living beings look for from their first breath till the end of their lives. It is better to prefer death than to live in slavery. But, political freedom is not the only thing that one needs. Apart from the political freedom there are a lot of areas where the evil of slavery still exist. These factors include the issues such as slavery, blind faith, untouchability, poverty, dependence on false beliefs are some of the major issues of which the complete human population is a slave. It is very much necessary to achieve freedom from all such issues as soon as possible before it is too late.

It is the responsibility of each and every individual to throw all such evils out of the human society and make the world a better place to live in for each and every one of us. These issues are very general in the rural areas. More number of girl child's are facing very worse consequences in life because of all these factors. In most of the parts of the world the ratio between the total number of girls and boys is so unbelievable that you will find it very impossible to believe the result. For example, the girl is to boy ratio in some rural parts is around 1:10. This means that there is only one girl with respect to a count of 10 boys. This is very shameful for all of us. So instead of sitting and letting this situation continue, let us all come together to uproot this problem from our human society.

Another major issue of which we are slaves is poverty. Because of the increasing rate of corruption all over the world, it is becoming very difficult for one and all of the common man to fulfill even the basic need of him and his family namely food, clothing and shelter. This has further given rise to many other unsocial activities such as theft, robberies and many more. Instead of choosing the right path of life, people prefer to go on the unethical path to earn their living and fulfill all their needs.

With the aim of earning fast money instead of trying to earn hard money, more and more numbers of people are choosing the wrong path of life which is the path of falsehood and selfishness. Majority of this population includes youngsters which can prove to be very dangerous for the society with time if they are not treated as soon as possible.

Poverty is another big thing that is spreading like fire in the society the problem of slavery. The rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer with the passage of time. Corruption is the major reason for this economical imbalance in the society. Hence, in order to get rid of poverty and therefore slavery, we all should strive to eradicate corruption completely from the society.


Question 1

Which is the fundamental right of all the living beings on the earth?

  1. Freedom
  2. Poverty
  3. Slavery
  4. Corruption
  5. None of the above

Correct answer: a

Question 2

"But, political freedom is not the only thing that one needs."

What is the speaker trying to say through the above sentence?

  1. One needs only political freedom
  2. Apart from political freedom, we also need social and mental freedom
  3. There are lot many areas where man needs freedom apart from the political freedom
  4. Freedom is the fundamental right of every individual
  5. It is only the political freedom which is the most fundamental of all types of freedom required by each and every living thing

Correct answer: c

Question 3

What kind of people are becoming slaves of corruption day by day?

  1. Old fashioned people
  2. Smart and hardworking people
  3. Bold and adventurous people
  4. Good and stylish people
  5. Poor and illiterate people

Correct answer: e

Question 4

What does the following sentence is trying to convey to its readers?

"It is better to prefer death than to live in slavery."

  1. Most of the people prefer to die instead of living in slavery
  2. You should always prefer death if you are to live in slavery
  3. To die is always better than to live a life as slaves
  4. If you are to chose between the life as a slave and death, always chose to die
  5. All of the above

Correct answer: c

Question 5

With the aim of earning fast money instead of trying to earn hard money, more and more numbers of people are choosing the wrong path of life which is the ___________.

Fill in the blank with the correct option from the following according to the data given in the above passage.

  1. Path of falsehood and selfishness
  2. Path of poverty and slavery
  3. Path of truth and courage
  4. Path of sorrow and joy
  5. None of the above

Correct answer: a

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