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TOEFL Sample Questions : Listening Comprehension

TOEFL stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language. This test is for evaluating the ability of those individuals who want to make use of their English understanding in an academic setting. This test comprises of various sections to judge the test taker on different aspects of English language. Listening Comprehension is one such section to test how well you can understand the language and identify the proper meaning of the words. Here are some sample listening comprehension passages for your practice.

Read the following passage and select the correct answer from the given set of options.

Example 1

Woman: I can see a charlatan in your future. Man: But madam, I think you are seeing at the reflection of your hand.

Question: What does the man is trying to say to the woman in th above conversation?

  1. Woman is looking at her own reflection
  2. Man is looking at his own reflection
  3. Both man and woman are looking their own reflections
  4. Woman is looking at the reflection of her hand

Correct answer: d

Example 2

Woman 1: I need to change my lifestyle and it should neither be too outrageous, complex as well as nor too restrictive. Woman 2: But, such a change will have a very less impact on your admirers.

Question: What does woman 2 is trying to say to woman 1 in the above conversation?

  1. If woman 1 will change her lifestyle then it will have a very less impact on all her admirers
  2. Changing to a simple and easily adaptable lifestyle will have a very less impact on all the admirers of woman 1
  3. A complex and outrageous lifestyle creates a greater impact on the admirers
  4. It is not good to have a simple lifestyle so woman 1 should not adapt it

Correct Answer: b

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