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TOEFL Sample Questions : Listening Comprehension

Have a look at the following sample passages for listening comprehension and choose the correct answer from the following four options for each question.

Example 17

Father: Mike is scoring extremely low in his exams. We must do something to help him score very good.
Mother: Yes. I agree with you. I think we can hire a tutor for him to help him out in his curriculum.

Question: What does the wife imply in this particular conversation with her husband?

  1. Wife implies that her son Mike is dumb in studies and no one can improve him
  2. Wife implies that, Mike, her son is hardly interested in studies and they should cancel his admission from the school
  3. Wife implies that, the school teacher of her son Mike is very bad and so they should change his school for his improvement
  4. Wife implies that, they should try to find a good tutor for their son Mike who will help him out in his studies

Correct answer: d

Example 18

Maria: What a great new year party it was! And the great menu made the evening more wonderful.
Ben: Yes. Indeed. But, the most delicious of all was the dessert called Black Forest cake. It was very yummy. I wanted to have some more, but alas, it got finished within no time.

Question: What does Ben is trying to say Maria in the above conversation about the new year party that they attended last night?

  1. Ben is trying to say that black forest dessert is his all time favorite
  2. Be is trying to say that, he will throw a more better party than the one which they have attended last night
  3. Ben is trying to say that, the black forest dessert got over within no time because it was very yummy
  4. Ben is trying to say that, of all the dishes served during the new year party, the black forest dessert was the most delicious and he liked it very much

Correct answer: d

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