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TOEFL Sample Questions : Listening Comprehension

Read the following sample passages for listening comprehension and choose the correct answer from the following four options for each question.

Example 15

Man 1: According to the observation of many wild life observers, hippos make use of yawn in order to settle a quarrel.
Man 2: Yes. I completely agree with you my friend.

Question: According to man 1, why do hippos yawn?

  1. Animals make use of yawn when they feel sleepy
  2. Hippos yawn when they want to settle any figths
  3. Hippos yawn when they feel hungry
  4. Hippos yawn when they are not well

Correct answer: b

Example 16

Teacher: Your child is very disobedient and he also lacks discipline in his study habits.
Mother: I am sorry Mrs. James. I'll pay more attention towards his study habits from this very point of time.

Question: What does the mother imply in her conversation with the teacher of her son?

  1. The mother implies that her son is very naughty at home
  2. The mother implies that she will now pay more attention towards the study habits of his son and try to improve his nature
  3. The mother implies that, even she is fed-up of his son and his study habits
  4. The mother implies that, she will shift her son to a boarding school very soon to improve his habits and nature

Correct answer: b

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