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TOEFL Sample Questions : Listening Comprehension

Go through the following sample passages for listening comprehension and choose the correct answer from the following four options for each question.

Example 11

Boy: To tell the truth, I am least interested in knowing about ancient historic customs and traditions.
Girl: But, I think it's good to have some knowledge about historic times for our general knowledge.

Question: What does the boy implies in the above conversation

  1. The boy implied that he find's history very difficult because it is very difficult to say what is true and what is false
  2. The boy implied that he had great interest in learning History when he was in school
  3. The boy implied that, he is hardly interested to study about the customs and traditions of ancient historic times
  4. The boy implied that it is very difficult to read ancient texts

Correct answer: c

Example 12

Husband: It is very irritating to see that my daughter never wakes up before her alarm goes off.
Wife: I agree with you completely. We should try to improve her habit otherwise it will affect her future.

Question: What does the man is trying to say to her wife in this conversation?

  1. The man is trying to say that her daughter is very lazy
  2. The man is trying to say that her daughter never hears her alarm clock ringing and hence she does not wake up early in the morning
  3. The man is trying to say that it is the habit of her daughter to sleep until the alarm clock wakes her up in the morning
  4. The man is trying to say that her daughter's alarm clock is faulty because it fails to wake her up at the right time in morning

Correct answer: c

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