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TOEFL Sample Questions : Listening Comprehension

Go through the following sample passages for listening comprehension and choose the correct answer from the following four options for each question.

Example 9

Woman: It has come to my years that the requirements for graduation in mathematics are being changed.
Man: Yes, it's true and I think that this time it will be a short course.

Question: What does the man mean in this specific conversation?

  1. The man means that the graduation course for the subject of mathematics is being changed by the university
  2. The man is trying to say that he is not having any idea about what type of course the changed maths course will be
  3. The man is trying to say that the date of maths graduation is going to change
  4. The man is trying to say that it is true that the requirements for graduation in maths is going to change and the new course will be a short one

Correct answer: d

Example 10

Man: I thought we could start at the Museum of Modern Art. Right now there is an exhibit on twentieth century American painters.
Woman: Ok. It's perfectly fine with me. But, what did you mean by the word "Big Apple". I think it's a nick name for New York. Right?

Question: What does the woman imply in this conversation?

  1. The man implies that the other name that she heard for New York was Big Apple
  2. The woman implied that the Modern art exhibition in New York is known by the name "Big Apple"
  3. The woman implied that Big Apple is the nick name of New York according to her knowledge
  4. The woman implied that the works of the twentieth century painters were exhibited by the name "Big Apple"

Correct answer: c

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