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TOEFL Sample Questions : Listening Comprehension

Go through the following sample passages for listening comprehension and choose the correct answer from the following four options for each question.

Example 7

Woman: Shall I lock up all the labs as well as classrooms now because its time to go back home?
Man: Oh please do not bother yourself. I am here for some more time and i will check it on my way out.

Question: What does is the man trying to say to the woman in the above conversation?

  1. The man is telling the woman to wait for him to close that room because he is having some more work to complete
  2. The man is trying to tell the woman that she can close the remaining classrooms and labs except for the room where he is working because he needs some more time to complete his work
  3. The man is trying to say that the lady need not bother because he will check all the rooms himself before leaving for home
  4. The man is trying ot say the woman should buy a new lock for that room because there is no lock for that room

Correct answer: c

Example 8

Girl: Do you mind if I turn the computer off?
Boy: Well maa'm, I am in the middle of some important work. So can you please wait for some time?

Question: What does the boy is trying to imply in this particular conversation?

  1. The boy is telling the girl to wait for some time because he is in the middle of some important work to turn the computer off
  2. The boy is telling the girl to sit beside him and try to understand the kind of work he is doing
  3. The boy is telling the girl to go away and come back later
  4. The boy is telling thegirl to switch off the computer then and there

Correct answer: a

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