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TOEFL Sample Questions : Listening Comprehension

Go through the following sample conversations carefully and then select the most appropriate option according to the question based on each of them.

Example 3

Man: I wanted to buy some very good gifts for my family on this joyous festival of Christmas, but I am falling short of money for that.
Woman: Alas! But do not get disappointed. There are numerous cheap and good options which you can buy for your family as a Christmas gift.

Question: What does the woman is trying to explain to the man in the above conversation?

  1. The man should try to manage money and buy only expensive gifts for his family on the holy and joyous festival of Christmas
  2. There are other very good options that the man can buy as Christmas gifts for his family members
  3. Instead of buying expensive gifts, the man should try to buy cheap and useless things for his family as Christmas gifts
  4. The man should not buy anything for his family if he is falling short of money

Correct answer: b

Example 4

Man: I can't tell you how lucky I am to have you here with me to share this wonderful time . This has made me feel even more special.
Woman: Are you really glad about me being here with you too?

Question: What does the man is trying to convey to the woman in the above passage?

  1. He is feeling very lucky and very special for getting the opportunity to spend some wonderful moments with the lady
  2. The man is very unhappy and is feeling very irritated because he is forced to spend time with that lady
  3. The lady is very lucky because she has got the opportunity to spend time with such a special man
  4. both of them are feeling very lucky because they have got the opportunity to spend such a wonderful quality time with each other in the evening

Correct answer: a

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