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Oracle Sample Questions : Oracle Power Objects

  1. What is Oracle Power Objects?

    Answer: Oracle Power Objects (formerly called Project X) is Oracle's "Visual Basic killer".It provides a visual, object-oriented, client-server, database application development environment.It runs on Microsoft Windows PC's and Apple Macintosh computers.

    Essentially OPO it is a small-footprint Oracle Forms that uses Visual Basic like syntax in triggers.It allows rapid development without reliance on complex coding.

    OPO includes a GUI forms and reports painter, a BASIC language interpreter, and a local datastore (Blaze or Oracle Light), that is upwardly compatible with the Oracle7 database.It supports a wide array of industry standards like OLE, OCX, ODBC, and IBM's OpenDoc.

    OPO uses OracleBasic as its scripting language.OracleBasic's syntax is similar to the BASIC used in Microsoft's Visual Basic product.

  2. What's the difference between the single user and the Client/Server version of OPO?

    Answer: Power Objects Personal Edition is supported with the following databases:

    • Personal Oracle 7
    • Personal Oracle Light or Blaze database (included as part of Power Objects)

    The Power Objects Client/Server Edition allows unlimited runtimes and comes with connection files for the following databases:

    • Personal Oracle 7
    • Blaze database/ Personal Oracle Light (included as part of Power Objects)
    • Oracle7 Server version 7.x
    • Microsoft SQL Server 4.2
    • Sybase SQL Server

  3. How does one upgrade applications to Power Objects V2?

    Answer: Just re-open your application with Power Objects V2, but make a backup copy of it first.Once you open your application with Power Objects V2, you will not be able to re-open it with V1.

  4. How do I make a password field that doesn't show what the user typed?

    Answer: Set the fontsize to 1 or use the OnKey event to trap keys presses and collect them but pass a "*" back to the inherited method.

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