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  1. Can a trigger written for a view ?

    Answer: No

  2. If all the values from a cursor have been fetched and another fetch is issued, the output will be : error, last record or first record ?

    Answer: Last Record

  3. A table has the following data : [[5, Null, 10]].What will the average function return ?

    Answer: 7.5

  4. Is Sysdate a system variable or a system function?

    Answer: System Function

  5. Consider a sequence whose currval is 1 and gets incremented by 1 by using the nextval reference we get the next number 2.Suppose at this point we issue an rollback and again issue a nextval.What will the output be ?

    Answer: 3

  6. Definition of relational DataBase by Dr.Codd (IBM)?

    Answer: A Relational Database is a database where all data visible to the user is organized strictly as tables of data values and where all database operations work on these tables.

  7. What is Multi Threaded Server (MTA) ?

    Answer: In a Single Threaded Architecture (or a dedicated server configuration) the database manager creates a separate process for each database user.But in MTA the database manager can assign multiple users (multiple user processes) to a single dispatcher (server process), a controlling process that queues request for work thus reducing the databases memory requirement and resources.

  8. Which are initial RDBMS, Hierarchical & N/w database ?


    • RDBMS - R system
    • Hierarchical - IMS
    • N/W - DBTG

  9. Difference between Oracle 6 and Oracle 7

    Cost based optimizer Rule based optimizer
    Shared SQL AreaSQL area allocated for each user
    Multi Threaded ServerSingle Threaded Server
    Hash ClustersOnly B-Tree indexing
    Roll back Size Adjustment No provision
    Truncate commandNo provision
    Distributed DatabaseDistributed Query
    Table replication & snapshotsNo provision
    Client/Server TechNo provision

  10. What is Functional Dependency

    Answer: Given a relation R, attribute Y of R is functionally dependent on attribute X of R if and only if each X-value has associated with it precisely one -Y value in R

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