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  1. Can null keys be entered in cluster index, normal index ?

    Answer: Yes.

  2. Can Check constraint be used for self referential integrity ? How ?

    Answer: Yes.In the CHECK condition for a column of a table, we can reference some other column of the same table and thus enforce self referential integrity.

  3. What are the min.extents allocated to a rollback extent ?

    Answer: Two

  4. What are the states of a rollback segment ? What is the difference between partly available and needs recovery ?

    Answer: The various states of a rollback segment are :

    • ONLINE
    • INVALID.

  5. What is the difference between unique key and primary key ?

    Answer: Unique key can be null; Primary key cannot be null.

  6. An insert statement followed by a create table statement followed by rollback ? Will the rows be inserted ?

    Answer: No.

  7. Can you define multiple savepoints ?

    Answer: Yes.

  8. Can you Rollback to any savepoint ?

    Answer: Yes.

  9. What is the maximum no.of columns a table can have ?

    Answer: 254.

  10. What is the significance of the & and && operators in PL SQL ?

    Answer: The & operator means that the PL SQL block requires user input for a variable.
    The && operator means that the value of this variable should be the same as inputted by the user previously for this same variable

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