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  1. What are the constructs of a procedure, function or a package ?

    Answer: The constructs of a procedure, function or a package are :

    • variables and constants
    • cursors
    • exceptions

  2. Why Create or Replace and not Drop and recreate procedures ?

    Answer: So that Grants are not dropped.

  3. Can you pass parameters in packages ? How ?

    Answer: Yes.You can pass parameters to procedures or functions in a package.

  4. What are the parts of a database trigger ?

    Answer: The parts of a trigger are:

    • A triggering event or statement
    • A trigger restriction
    • A trigger action

  5. What are the various types of database triggers ?

    Answer: There are 12 types of triggers, they are combination of :

    • Insert, Delete and Update Triggers.
    • Before and After Triggers.
    • Row and Statement Triggers.

  6. What is the advantage of a stored procedure over a database trigger ?

    Answer: We have control over the firing of a stored procedure but we have no control over the firing of a trigger.

  7. What is the maximum no.of statements that can be specified in a trigger statement ?

    Answer: One.

  8. Can views be specified in a trigger statement ?

    Answer: No

  9. What are the values of :new and :old in Insert/Delete/Update Triggers ?

    Answer: INSERT : new = new value, old = NULL
    DELETE : new = NULL, old = old value
    UPDATE : new = new value, old = old value

  10. What are cascading triggers? What is the maximum no of cascading triggers at a time?

    Answer: When a statement in a trigger body causes another trigger to be fired, the triggers are said to be cascading.Max = 32.

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