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Oracle Sample Questions : Oracle Forms 4.5

  1. Can one issue DDL statements from Forms?

    Answer: DDL (Data Definition Language) commands like CREATE, DROP and ALTER are not directly supported from Forms because your Form is not suppose to manipulate the database structure.

    A statement like CREATE TABLE X (A DATE); will result in error:

    Encountered the symbol "CREATE" which is an reserved word.

    However, you can use the FORMS_DDL built-in to execute DLL statements


  2. Can one execute dynamic SQL from Forms?

    Answer: Yes, use the FORMS_DDL built-in or call the DBMS_SQL database package from Forms.

    FORMS_DDL('INSERT INTO X VALUES ('||col_list||')');

  3. Forms won't allow me to use restricted built-in's.What should I do?

    Answer: How to get around the "can't use a restricted built-in in built-in XXX" message:

    1. Create a TIMER at the point where you want the navigation to occur.Eg.create_timer('TIMER_X', 5, NO_REPEAT);
    2. Code a WHEN-TIMER-EXPIRED trigger to handle the navigation

      tm_name VARCHAR2(20);
      tm_name := Get_Application_Property(TIMER_NAME);
      IF tm_name = 'TIMER_X' THEN
      END IF;

  4. Can one change the mouse pointer in Forms?

    Answer: The SET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY build-in in Oracle Forms allow one to change the mouse pointer.


  5. Why doesn't my messages show on the screen?

    Answer: Regardless of whether you call the MESSAGE() built-in with ACKNOWLEDGE, NO_ACKNOWLEDGE, or with no mode specification at all, your message may or may not be displayed.This is because messages are displayed asynchronously.To display messages immediately, use the SYNCHRONIZE build-in: message('...'); synchronize; This can also be used to execute a query while the user is looking at the results of a previous query.

  6. What happened to SQL*Menu?

    Answer: SQL*Menu is now fully integrated into Oracle Forms 4.5.Application menus can be added to your application by creating Menu Modules (*.MMB) and generate it to Menu Module Executables (*.MMX).

  7. Can a button have icon and lable at the same time

    Answer: NO

  8. What is mouse navigate property of button

    Answer: When Mouse Navigate is True (the default), Oracle Forms performs standard navigation to move the focus to the item when the operator activates the item with the mouse.

    When Mouse Navigate is set to False, Oracle Forms does not perform navigation (and the resulting validation) to move to the item when an operator activates the item with the mouse.


    Answer: forms run inside the MDI application window.This property is useful for calling a form from another one.

  10. Can object group have a block

    Answer: Yes , object group can have block as well as program units.

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