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Technical General Java Sample Questions

  1. What is the purpose of the File class?

    Answer: The File class is used to create objects that provide access to the files and directories of a local file system.

  2. Can an exception be rethrown?

    Answer: Yes, an exception can be rethrown.

  3. When does the compiler supply a default constructor for a class?

    Answer: The compiler supplies a default constructor for a class if no other constructors are provided.

  4. If a method is declared as protected, where may the method be accessed?

    Answer: Classes or interfaces of the same package or may only access a protected method by subclasses of the class in which it is declared.

  5. Which non-Unicode letter characters may be used as the first character of an identifier?

    Answer: The non-Unicode letter characters $ and _ may appear as the first character of an identifier.

  6. What restrictions are placed on method overloading?

    Answer: Two methods may not have the same name and argument list but different return types.

  7. What is casting?

    Answer: There are two types of casting, casting between primitive numeric types and casting between object references. Casting between numeric types is used to convert larger values, such as double values, to smaller values, such as byte values. Casting between object references is used to refer to an object by a compatible class, interface, or array type reference.

  8. What is the return type of a program's main() method?

    Answer: A program's main() method has a void return type.

  9. What class of exceptions are generated by the Java run-time system?

    Answer: The Java runtime system generates RuntimeException and Error exceptions.

  10. What class allows you to read objects directly from a stream?

    Answer: The ObjectInputStream class supports the reading of objects from input streams.

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