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  1. What is hash-collision in Hashtable and How it is handled in Java?

    Answer: Two different keys with the same hash value.Two different entries will be kept in a single hash bucket to avoid the collision.

  2. What are the different driver types available in JDBC?

    Answer: The driver types available in JDBC are:

    • A JDBC-ODBC bridge
    • A native-API partly Java technology-enabled driver
    • A net-protocol fully Java technology-enabled driver
    • A native-protocol fully Java technology-enabled driver

  3. Is JDBC-ODBC bridge multi-threaded?

    Answer: No

  4. Does the JDBC-ODBC Bridge support multiple concurrent open statements per connection?

    Answer: No

  5. What is the use of serializable?

    Answer: To persist the state of an object into any perminant storage device.

  6. What is the use of transient?

    Answer: It is an indicator to the JVM that those variables should not be persisted.It is the users responsibility to initialize the value when read back from the storage.

  7. What are the different level lockings using the synchronization keyword?

    Answer: Class level lock Object level lock Method level lock Block level lock

  8. What is the use of preparedstatement?

    Answer: Preparedstatements are precompiled statements.It is mainly used to speed up the process of inserting/updating/deleting especially when there is a bulk processing.

  9. What is callable statement? Tell me the way to get the callable statement?

    Answer: Callable statements are used to invoke the stored procedures.You can obtain the callable statement from Connection using the following methods:

    • prepareCall(String sql)
    • prepareCall(String sql, int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency)

  10. In a statement, I am executing a batch.What is the result of the execution?

    Answer: It returns the int array.The array contains the affected row count in the corresponding index of the SQL.

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