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Technical General Java Sample Questions

  1. When you think about optimization, what is the best way to findout the time/memory consuming process?

    Answer: Using profiler

  2. What is the purpose of assert keyword used in JDK1.4.x?

    Answer: In order to validate certain expressions.It effectively replaces the if block and automatically throws the AssertionError on failure.This keyword should be used for the critical arguments.Meaning, without that the method does nothing.

  3. How will you get the platform dependent values like line separator, path separator, etc., ?

    Answer: Using Sytem.getProperty() (line.separator, path.separator, )

  4. What is skeleton and stub? what is the purpose of those?

    Answer: Stub is a client side representation of the server, which takes care of communicating with the remote server.Skeleton is the server side representation.But that is no more in use it is deprecated long before in JDK.

  5. What is the final keyword denotes?

    Answer: final keyword denotes that it is the final implementation for that method or variable or class.You cant override that method/variable/class any more.

  6. What is the significance of ListIterator?

    Answer: You can iterate back and forth.

  7. What is the major difference between LinkedList and ArrayList?

    Answer: LinkedList are meant for sequential accessing.ArrayList are meant for random accessing.

  8. What is nested class?

    Answer: If all the methods of a inner class is static then it is a nested class.

  9. What is inner class?

    Answer: If the methods of the inner class can only be accessed via the instance of the inner class, then it is called inner class.

  10. What is composition?

    Answer: Holding the reference of the other class within some other class is known as composition.

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