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Technical General Java Sample Questions

  1. What is the base class for Error and Exception?

    Answer: Throwable

  2. What is the byte range??

    Answer: 128 to 127

  3. What is the implementation of destroy method in it native or java code?

    Answer: This method is not implemented.

  4. What is a package?

    Answer: To group set of classes into a single unit is known as packaging.Packages provides wide namespace ability.

  5. What are the approaches that you will follow for making a program very efficient?

    Answer: By avoiding too much of static methods avoiding the excessive and unnecessary use of synchronized methods Selection of related classes based on the application (meaning synchronized classes for multiuser and non-synchronized classes for single user) Usage of appropriate design patterns Using cache methodologies for remote invocations Avoiding creation of variables within a loop and lot more.

  6. What is a DatabaseMetaData?

    Answer: Comprehensive information about the database as a whole.

  7. What is Locale?

    Answer: A Locale object represents a specific geographical, political, or cultural region

  8. How will you load a specific locale?

    Answer: Using ResourceBundle.getBundle();

  9. What is JIT and its use?

    Answer: Really, just a very fast compiler In this incarnation, pretty much a one-pass compiler no offline computations.So you cant look at the whole method, rank the expressions according to which ones are re-used the most, and then generate code.In theory terms, its an on-line problem.

  10. Is JVM a compiler or an interpreter?

    Answer: Interpreter

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