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C++ and OOPS Sample Question

  1. List out some of the OODBMS available.


    • GEMSTONE/OPAL of Gemstone systems.
    • ONTOS of Ontos.
    • Objectivity of Objectivity inc.
    • Versant of Versant object technology.
    • Object store of Object Design.
    • ARDENT of ARDENT software.
    • POET of POET software.
  2. List out some of the object-oriented methodologies.


    • Object Oriented Development (OOD) (Booch 1991,1994).
    • Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA/D) (Coad and Yourdon 1991).
    • Object Modelling Techniques (OMT) (Rumbaugh 1991).
    • Object Oriented Software Engineering (Objectory) (Jacobson 1992).
    • Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) (Shlaer and Mellor 1992).
    • The Fusion Method (Coleman 1991).
  3. What is an incomplete type?


    Incomplete types refers to pointers in which there is non availability of the implementation of the referenced location or it points to some location whose value is not available for modification.
    int *i=0x400 // i points to address 400 *i=0; //set the value of memory location pointed by i.
    Incomplete types are otherwise called uninitialized pointers.
  4. What is a dangling pointer?

    Answer: A dangling pointer arises when you use the address of an object after its lifetime is over. This may occur in situations like returning addresses of the automatic variables from a function or using the address of the memory block after it is freed.

  5. Differentiate between the message and method.


    Objects communicate by sending messagesProvides response to a message. to each other.
    A message is sent to invoke a method.It is an implementation of an operation.
  6. What is an adaptor class or Wrapper class?


    A class that has no functionality of its own. Its member functions hide the use of a third party software component or an object with the non-compatible interface or a non- object- oriented implementation.
  7. What is a Null object?


    It is an object of some class whose purpose is to indicate that a real object of that class does not exist. One common use for a null object is a return value from a member function that is supposed to return an object with some specified properties but cannot find such an object.

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