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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Physics

  1. Sound frequencies below 16 Hertz are usually referred to by scientists as:

    Answer: infrasonic

  2. Heat cannot pass from a cooler substance to a warmer substance without some other process being involved. This is an example of which law of thermodynamics?

    Answer: the second law

  3. What is the dramatic increase in amplitude called when the frequency of forced vibrations on a body matches the body's natural vibration frequency?

    Answer: resonance

  4. Who determined that the square of a planet's period is proportional to the cube of its average distance from the sun?

    Answer: Kepler

  5. A color made from the addition of two primary colors is called:

    Answer: secondary color

  6. What law yields an equation that is used in determining crystal structure from interference patterns produced by monochromatic X-rays?

    Answer: Bragg's Law

  7. In radio transmission, what does the acronym AM stand for?

    Answer: amplitude modulation

  8. A coil of wire that produces a magnetic field is typically called a:

    Answer: solenoid

  9. What is the name of the device that is made by combining two basic types of solid state rectifiers allowing the device to both rectify and amplify a current?

    Answer: transistor

  10. All elements with an atomic number greater than what number are unstable?

    Answer: 83

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