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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Physics

  1. Considering the specific heat of aluminum is 0.21, iron is 0.10, and lead is 0.03, which metal will show the largest increase in temperature per calorie added to one gram of that metal?

    Answer: lead

  2. This person established the "one fluid theory" of electricity and performed some of the first investigations into electrical grounding and insulation:

    Answer: Ben Franklin

  3. Assuming g = 9.8 m/sec2, what is the weight on Earth, in Newtons, of a 60 kilogram person?

    Answer: 588 Newtons

  4. What secondary color of light is produced by mixing the primary colors of red and blue?

    Answer: magenta

  5. If the distance separating two charges is doubled, the force between them decreases by what multiple factor?

    Answer: 4

  6. For two objects separated by a distance d, if the mass of one of the objects is doubled, what will happen to the gravitational attraction between them?

    Answer: it is doubled

  7. For projectiles fired at identical speeds but various angles from the ground, neglecting air resistance and the curvature of the Earth, at what angle will the maximum horizontal distance be attained?

    Answer: 45 degrees

  8. What is the term for the speed at which an object will overcome the gravitational attraction of the Earth?

    Answer: escape velocity

  9. According to the standard model of particle physics, what is the name for the three leptons that have no electric charge and little if any mass?

    Answer: Neutrino

  10. This perceived force, that seems to want to throw a person off a merry-go-round, is often regarded by physicists as a fictitious force:

    Answer: centrifugal force

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