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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Physics

  1. Which of the following particles has not yet been observed but is generally theorized to exist:

    1. mesons
    2. gluons
    3. fermionic hadrons
    4. gravitons

    Answer: D

  2. The fundamental forces of nature are most correctly given as:

    1. gravitational, electromagnetic, strong interactive, weak interactive
    2. chemical, mechanical, friction and atomic
    3. gravitational, electromotive, magnetic, atomic
    4. graviton, photon, lepton, hadron

    Answer: A

  3. Which of the following is the emission source for microwaves in a typical microwave oven:

    1. small cyclotron
    2. cadmium disk bombarded with a soft x-ray source
    3. magnetron
    4. laser lamp

    Answer: C

  4. Laser is an acronym for what?

    Answer: light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

  5. By primarily using what simple machine did Galileo come to the conclusion on the existence of friction?

    Answer: inclined plane

  6. What formula is most appropriate to compute the kinetic energy of a block of ice sliding down an inclined plane?

    Answer: KE= mv2

  7. How many femtometers are in a nanometer?

    Answer: one million

  8. What is the name for the physical constant with a value of 6.62 X 10-27 erg seconds?

    Answer: Planck's Constant

  9. PHYSICS Short Answer To two significant figures, what is the index of refraction of air?

    Answer: 1.0

  10. If blue light is combined with green light, what color of light is produced?

    Answer: Cyan

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