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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Physics

  1. According to the standard model of particle physics, which of the following is a force-carrying particle:

    1. proton
    2. neutron
    3. quark
    4. photon

    Answer: D

  2. How is the index of refraction computed:

    1. the speed of light in a vacuum is divided by the speed of light in the material
    2. the speed of light in the material is divided by the speed of light in a vacuum
    3. the speed of light in water is divided by the speed of light in a vacuum
    4. the speed of light in a vacuum is divided by the speed of light in water

    Answer: A

  3. ASTRONOMY Multiple Choice A parsec is equal to which of the following:

    1. 100 Astronomical Units
    2. 3.26 light years
    3. 100 light years
    4. 140 million kilometers

    Answer: B

  4. Which of the following exhibits the least resistivity at 0°C:

    1. mercury
    2. tungsten
    3. gold
    4. silver

    Answer: D

  5. Which of the following units is a measure of potential difference:

    1. erg
    2. ohm
    3. joule
    4. volt

    Answer: D

  6. Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory invented the forerunner of the PET, which was subsequently found to be well- suited for wide use in institutions around the world for which of the following:

    1. metabolic studies and clinical tests
    2. deep sea drilling
    3. nuclear spallation
    4. deep space studies

    Answer: A

  7. When a person whirls a rock on the end of a string and maintains it in uniform circular motion, the force exerted on the rock is most accurately referred to as:

    1. centrifugal
    2. centripetal
    3. rotational
    4. center fleeing

    Answer: B

  8. Which of the following is measured in Hertz?

    1. speed
    2. frequency
    3. wavelength
    4. amplitude

    Answer: B

  9. Which of the following colors of light has the greatest angle of refraction in normal glass:

    1. yellow
    2. green
    3. violet
    4. red

    Answer: C

  10. What large machine, which came on line in the summer of 2000 at the Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Lab, is the world’s highest energy ion collider:

    1. Advanced Photon Source
    2. CERN supercollider
    3. Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
    4. Phoenix

    Answer: C

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