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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Physics

  1. Assuming friction is negligible, if a lever has a mechanical advantage of 5, how much effort in newtons is needed to lift a 10 newton load?

    Answer: 2 Newtons

  2. The throbbing caused by sounds of slightly different frequencies that results because of periodic constructive and destructive interference is called:

    Answer: beats

  3. How many neutrons and how many protons are present in a single deuterium nucleus?

    Answer: one proton and one neutron

  4. Which element has the simplest absorption spectrum?

    Answer: Hydrogens

  5. Order the following categories of electromagnetic radiation from the LOWEST frequency to the HIGHEST:

    FM radio, UHF TV, AM radio, microwaves

    Answer: am radio; fm radio; uhf tv; microwaves

  6. On an electric schematic, what does the symbol of a horizontal line interrupted by a saw tooth shaped line represent?

    Answer: resistor

  7. What cycle most directly describes the working cycle of a heat engine operating as an ideal engine of maximum thermal efficiency?

    Answer: Carnot Cycle

  8. If F equals electric force, and q and q' (read as: q-prime) are the charges on two particles, the expression F is proportional to q times q prime divided by distance squared is what law?

    Answer: Coulomb's Law

  9. By passing current through a wire wrapped around an iron rod, William Sturgeon invented the:

    Answer: Electromagnet

  10. What is the following statement most commonly known as:

    "A body immersed in a fluid is supported by a force equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces."

    Answer: Archimedes' Principle

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