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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Mathematics

Science bowl mathematics sample questions includes various problems on the topics like:

  • Geometry
  • trigonometry
  • algebra etc.

Following are some science bowl mathematics sample questions:

  1. In a normal distribution, approximately what percentage of the cases, to the nearest whole number, falls within 4 standard deviations of the mean:

    1. 68%
    2. 100%
    3. 99%
    4. 75%

    Answer: B

  2. Continuing up the number sequence of natural numbers, prime numbers become which of the following:

    1. non-existent at a certain point
    2. all even after a certain point
    3. less and less frequent
    4. more frequent

    Answer: C

  3. Which of the following properties would you use to compute the chances of rolling either a 7 or an 11 with a pair of dice:

    1. multiplicative
    2. conditional
    3. independent
    4. additive

    Answer: D

  4. The surface of a sphere subtends a solid angle of what amount at its center:

    1. π
    2. π

    Answer: C

  5. Assuming a year in a dog's life is equivalent to 7 years of a human's life, what is 1 hour of a dog's life approximately equivalent to in a human's life?

    1. 3 hours
    2. 7 hours
    3. 5 hours
    4. 4 days

    Answer: B

  6. Which of the following is the mathematical term for a radical that expresses an irrational number:

    1. turk
    2. radicand
    3. finical
    4. surd

    Answer: D

  7. Systematic random samp ling is to be used to select 5 addresses from an ordered list containing 500 addresses. A 1- in-100 systematic sample is used to select the 5 addresses. What is the chance that any specific address will be chosen:

    1. 1/5
    2. 1/100
    3. 5/100
    4. 5

    Answer: B

  8. Which of the following mathematicians is responsible for the Cartesian plane that is also known as the rectangular coordinate system:

    1. Pythagoroas
    2. Rene Descartes
    3. Kirk Godel
    4. Fredric Gauss

    Answer: B

  9. Which of the following does NOT yield a periodic non-terminating decimal:

    1. 5/6
    2. 1/27
    3. 1/18
    4. 7/8

    Answer: D

  10. In a simple random sample:

    1. response bias will be small
    2. non-response bias will be small
    3. any two samples of the same size will have the same cha nce of being drawn
    4. each subject is asked every question and random responses are allowed

    Answer: C

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