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Science Bowl Sample Questions : General Science

  1. Juglans nigra is the genus and species of what common name tree, whose wood is prized for its qualities in furniture making:

    Answer: Black Walnut

  2. A term coined by Jack Niles in the early 1970's to describe an office where workers can work at home on a computer and transmit data and documents to a central office via telephone lines, is:

    Answer: Telecommuting

  3. What is the largest possible 8 bit binary number?

    Answer: 11111111

  4. Order the following from the SMALLEST unit of distance to the LARGEST:

    mile, rod, feet, furlong.

    Answer: Feet, Rod, Furlong, Mile

  5. No reported cases of this pervasive and deadly disease has been reported in the western hemisphere for over two decades and it is believed to be nearly eliminated from the Earth:

    Answer: Smallpox

  6. A common type of RAM that is a small battery-backed memory that stores configuration settings is called:

    Answer: Cmos

  7. Air on Earth consists mainly of three gases. Give their percent composition rounded off to the nearest whole number:

    Answer: 78% Nitrogen; 21% Oxygen; And 1% Argon

  8. What were the two most valuable products derived from the tree Castanea americana ?

    Answer: Chestnuts And Wood

  9. There are several types of these systems commonly used in intranets designed to prevent unauthorized access by internet users to or from a private network:

    Answer: Firewall

  10. Order the following elements in dry weight per cent make-up in the human body, from the HIGHEST percent to the LOWEST percent content: Calcium; Nitrogen; Carbon; Magnesium:

    Answer: Carbon; Nitrogen; Calcium; Magnesium

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