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Science Bowl Sample Questions : General Science

  1. What does the D in DRAM stand for?

    Answer: Dynamic

  2. At what temperature, rounded off to whole degrees Centigrade, does distilled water reach its maximum density at sea level?

    Answer: 4 Degrees

  3. What is a common type of video card that has an onboard processor that can substantially increase speed and boost graphical and video performance:

    Answer: Graphics Accelerator Card

  4. What is the general name of the unusual infectious agents that causes spongiform encephalopathy (pronounced:EN-seff-alop- o-thee)?

    Answer: Prions

  5. In optical resolution terminology, dpi is often used. What does dpi stand for?

    Answer: Dots Per Inch

  6. This term is used by scientists when referring to the belief that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct explanation?

    Answer: Ockham's Razor

  7. What is the network device used to regenerate or replicate a signal over the same medium and is used to regenerate analog or digital signals distorted by transmission loss:

    Answer: Repeater

  8. What Clark University physics professor was an American pioneer of rocket theory after whom a major NASA space center is named?

    Answer: Robert Goddard

  9. The most common recommended method for calibrating a 1 milliliter automatic pipette gun would be to do what?

    Answer: Weigh A Milliliter Of Water From The Pipet

  10. What is the largest WAN in existence today?

    Answer: The Internet

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