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Science Bowl Sample Questions : General Science

  1. What does the acronym LCD stand for?

    Answer: Liquid Crystal Display

  2. What two Federal scientific agencies are responsible for the general administration of the human genome project?

    Answer: Department Of Energy And National Institutes Of Health

  3. When an ideal line is extended into a region beyond where data exists on a graph, it is most typically called:

    Answer: Extrapolation

  4. Generally, when a PC is turned on, the processor first looks at what area of the system to determine the system's configuration environment?

    Answer: Bios

  5. The second stroke in a four stroke engine is most commonly referred to as the:

    Answer: Compression Stroke

  6. The clock speed of a computer's CPU is measured in what unit?

    Answer: Hertz

  7. Who was the first president of the International Psychoanalysis Association who theorized that the shadow archetype consists of animal instincts:

    Answer: Carl Jung

  8. What is the substance fresh coal becomes after heat has driven off all the elements that give off smoke and yellow flames, and the remaining substance then yields only a blue flame:

    Answer: Coke

  9. Which federal agency is primarily in charge of our National Laboratories and is charged with ensuring a stable supply of energy for the nation?

    Answer: Department Of Energy

  10. What is the term for the error of a compass as a consequence of the difference between magnetic North and true North?

    Answer: Declination

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