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Science Bowl Sample Questions : General Science

  1. The global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web is called the:

    1. USB
    2. UPS
    3. URA
    4. URL

    Answer: D

  2. As more of the water turns into ice, the temperature of the remaining liquid in a vessel:

    1. decreases
    2. can not be determined from the available information
    3. increases
    4. remains the same

    Answer: D

  3. Which was the first Intel microprocessor introduced in 1982 to break the 1 megabyte limit?

    1. 8086
    2. 80286
    3. 80186
    4. 80386

    Answer: B

  4. What psychiatrist coined the psychiatric terms id, ego, and superego:

    Answer: Sigmund Freud

  5. What is the name, coined by John McCarthy in 1956, of the branch of GENERAL SCIENCE concerned with making computers behave like humans:

    Answer: Artificial Intelligence

  6. What are the 6th, 7th, and 8th letters of the Greek alphabet?

    Answer: Zeta, Eta, Theta

  7. In operating systems which support PnP, the PnP stands for:

    Answer: Plug And Play

  8. The most common connection point on the motherboard whereby new peripheral devices, such as printers, drives and monitors, can be connected through their respective interface cards is called:

    Answer: The Expansion Bus

  9. The WHO is the abbreviated name for what international scientific organization?

    Answer: World Health Organization

  10. What type of balance is used for measuring forces of very small magnitudes by how much twist they cause in a fiber or wire?

    Answer: Torsion Balance

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