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Science Bowl Sample Questions : General Science

  1. If each of the following woods were seasoned to an equally low water content, which would release the most heat per cord when burned?

    1. White Oak
    2. Red Maple
    3. White Birch
    4. Mountain Aspen

    Answer: A

  2. Which of the following is NOT an example of systems software:

    1. file management tools
    2. linkers
    3. loaders
    4. word processing software

    Answer: D

  3. At small apertures or high f stops, a single lens reflex camera will have which of the following properties:

    1. have more light gathering capacity
    2. generally require fast shutter speeds for all films in normal daylight
    3. have more depth of field
    4. have less depth of field

    Answer: C

  4. The SI prefix for the quantity 1015 is:

    1. peta
    2. eta
    3. tera
    4. yotta

    Answer: A flying in which of the following directions:

    1. East to West
    2. West to East
    3. North to South
    4. South to North

    Answer: B

  5. Which of the following is NOT an example of a programming language:

    1. Pascal
    2. BIOS
    3. Cobol
    4. Fortran

    Answer: B

  6. A mixture of turpentine, ether, camphor gum, and powdered emory, was historically used for which of the following:

    1. sealing mirrored surfaces
    2. grinding glass surfaces
    3. gluing glass plates together
    4. coating lenses for chromatic aberration

    Answer: B

  7. Which of the following is NOT true about JAVA:

    1. it provides support for networking.
    2. it is an ISO standard language
    3. it is an object oriented language
    4. it is a dynamic language.

    Answer: B

  8. The term empirical is most accurately described as a conclusion based on:

    1. intuition
    2. careful theoretical propositions
    3. extrapolating from the specific to the general
    4. experimentation and observation

    Answer: D

  9. The “Skinner Box” has been most extensively used in the evaluation and study of which of the following:

    1. drugs and behavior
    2. emotions
    3. social behavior
    4. neurological assessment of behavior

    Answer: A

  10. Which of the following explains why a sailboat can sail into the wind:

    1. Bernoulli's Principle
    2. Pascal's Law
    3. Archimedes's Principle
    4. Reynold's Numbers

    Answer: A

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