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Science Bowl Sample Questions : General Science

  1. Which of the following is NOT true concerning electric cars:

    1. a major challenge to this form of transportation is an efficient durable battery
    2. in 1900, more battery operated electric cars were built in the USA than gasoline engine cars
    3. fleet cars are currently employing battery powered vehicles in many states
    4. they are unsuitable for urban areas

    Answer: D

  2. Typically, printers are connected to which of the following ports:

    1. RTC
    2. PS/2
    3. LPT
    4. COM

    Answer: C

  3. A quick and simple method commonly used to inspect whether a metal is stainless steel is to:

    1. test if a magnet will be attracted to it
    2. test if it will react with sulfuric acid
    3. pass a current through it and measure its resistance
    4. measure its specific gravity

    Answer: A

  4. Which of the following is NOT commonly thought of as an output device:

    1. video monitor
    2. scanner
    3. printer
    4. dot-matrix printer

    Answer: B

  5. Ultimately, the character of the pixel which is primarily responsible for the resolution of a CRT is:

    1. size
    2. number
    3. shape
    4. color

    Answer: A

  6. Photobiology is the branch of science which is basically concerned with:

    1. how organisms see
    2. how to record images of living systems with various optical instruments
    3. the effects of visible and ultraviolet radiation on living systems
    4. how living systems produce visible light

    Answer: C

  7. Which of the following would be a measurement of a computer screen’s dot pitch:

    1. 0.25 millimeters
    2. 70 hertz
    3. 1200 dpi
    4. 650 megabytes

    Answer: A

  8. Which of the following is most specifically designed to measure low temperatures:

    1. alcohol thermometer
    2. pyrometer
    3. cryometer
    4. mercury thermometer

    Answer: C

  9. Which of the following would be a measurement of a typical printer’s resolution:

    1. 0.25 millimeters
    2. 300 dpi
    3. 640 X 480
    4. 200 RSU

    Answer: B

  10. The ARPANET was an example of a:

    1. telephone network
    2. LAN
    3. WAN
    4. email address

    Answer: C

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