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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Earth Science

Science bowl Earth science sample questions contains all Planet Earth related questions.

Following are some science bowl earth science sample questions:

  1. Which will most likely form when a steep mountain stream flows abruptly onto a flat plain:

    1. delta
    2. alluvial fan
    3. braided stream
    4. mid-channel bar

    Answer: B

  2. When, in the geologic column, did dinosaurs become extinct:

    1. at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary
    2. at the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary
    3. at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary
    4. at the Permian-Triassic boundary

    Answer: A

  3. When, in the geological time scale, did dinosaurs first appear:

    1. Jurassic
    2. Triassic
    3. Cretaceous
    4. Tertiary

    Answer: B

  4. These clouds are named for their smooth, round, lens-like shape and commonly form over mountains:

    1. lenticular
    2. contrails
    3. stratocumulus
    4. mackerel

    Answer: A

  5. It is estimated that the temperature of the Earth’s core is:

    1. as hot as the surface of the sun
    2. much hotter than the surface of the sun
    3. much cooler than the surface of the sun
    4. it cannot be estimated

    Answer: A

  6. Which of the following would give the best indication of how a rock was formed:

    1. structure and color
    2. mineralogy and texture
    3. structure and weight
    4. shape and size

    Answer: B

  7. In determining the distance of an earthquake to its epicenter, which of the following is the most useful tool:

    1. intensity of P-wave
    2. intensity of S-wave
    3. difference in intensity between P and S-waves
    4. time interval between P-wave and S-wave arrival

    Answer: D

  8. Which of the following is primarily involved in the movement of a glacier:

    1. running water
    2. ambient temperature
    3. topology
    4. gravity

    Answer: D

  9. Of the following, which are clouds formed at the highest altitude:

    1. altocumulus
    2. altostratus
    3. cirrocumulus
    4. nimbostratus

    Answer: C

  10. The Arctic Circle lies at which of the following latitudes:

    1. 66 ½oNorth
    2. 90oNorth
    3. 66 ½oSouth
    4. 90oSouth

    Answer: C

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