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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Earth Science

  1. Which equinox marks the moment when fall begins in the Northern Hemisphere?

    Answer: Autumnal Equinox

  2. Give the common name of the historic mineral that was the original source of radium and the first substance in which helium was discovered on earth:

    Answer: Pitchblende

  3. The name of this mineral is derived from the Latin word which means "to flow". One of its major uses is as a flux to help melt iron ore. What is its name?

    Answer: Fluorite

  4. What is the name given to the region of the Earth's mantle located from about 75 to 300 kilometers below the surface, where rocks have little strength?

    Answer: Asthenosphere

  5. What is the term for groundwater emerging naturally at the ground surface, where the water table intersects the surface:

    Answer: Spring

  6. What is the professional name for the person who studies fossils?

    Answer: Paleontologist

  7. What is the upper surface of the saturated zone of groundwater called:

    Answer: The Water Table

  8. What kind of rocks are formed by the lithification of sediments:

    Answer: Sedimentary Rocks

  9. What is the fossilized resin of ancient trees which forms through the natural polymerization of sap:

    Answer: Amber

  10. What is the common name for the test that gives the hardness of the material by the size of an indent left in it by a standard steel ball?

    Answer: The Brinell Test

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