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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Earth Science

  1. Name 2 places on earth where continental glaciers exist:

    Answer: Antarctica And Greenland

  2. This mineral has the nickname "bloodstone" because it gives a deep red color on a streak test. What is its chemical formula?

    Answer: Fe2O3

  3. During which equinoxes are day and night of equal length around the world:

    Answer: Autumnal And Vernal Equinoxes

  4. Magma that reached the Earth's surface is called:

    Answer: Lava

  5. On the day of the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, the sun can be seen directly overhead at what location around the globe?

    Answer: Tropic Of Capricorn

  6. A solid compound whose internal structural pattern is expressed as plane faces that can be seen with the unaided eye is generally known as a:

    Answer: Crystal

  7. What is the name for the margin where two plates in the lithosphere slide past each other?

    Answer: Transform Fault Margins

  8. As glaciers erode the surface over which they move, sets of parallel linear grooves are sometime worn into the rock surface. These grooves are called:

    Answer: Striations

  9. What common type of paper contains substantial amounts of corundum and magnetite?

    Answer: Sand Paper

  10. What is the only common mineral to be strongly magnetic other than magnetite:

    Answer: Pyrrhotite

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