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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Earth Science

  1. What is the name for a roughly circular coral reef enclosing a shallow lagoon:

    1. barrier reef
    2. fringing reef
    3. shallow reef
    4. atoll

    Answer: D

  2. The physical property used in mineral identification for the way a mineral’s surface reflects light is called:

    1. streak
    2. polish
    3. refractivity
    4. luster

    Answer: D

  3. A low-gradient stream would most likely form a:

    1. V-shaped valley
    2. waterfall
    3. meander
    4. straight channel

    Answer: C

  4. The angle of insolation on the Earth’s surface is most direct at which latitude:

    1. 0o
    2. 90oNorth or South
    3. 66 ½oNorth or South
    4. 23 ½oNorth or South

    Answer: A

  5. Ground depressions in areas of Karst topography are called:

    1. kettles
    2. grabens
    3. sinkholes
    4. cirques

    Answer: C

  6. Steep-sided volcanoes such as Mounts Rainier, Hood, and Fuji, are examples of what kind of volcanoes:

    1. stratovolcanoes
    2. tephra cone volcanoes
    3. shield volcanoes
    4. tower volcanoes

    Answer: A

  7. Which of the following minerals best illustrates the property of cleavage:

    1. quartz
    2. chrysotite
    3. pyrite
    4. mica

    Answer: D

  8. Which of the following is an example of a metamorphic rock:

    1. gneiss
    2. granite
    3. sandstone
    4. limestone

    Answer: A

  9. In what layer of the Earth's atmosphere does most of our weather occur?

    Answer: Troposphere

  10. Order the following minerals from the hardest to the softest:

    Topaz; Corundum; Quartz; Fluorite

    Answer: Corundum; Topaz; Quartz; Fluorite

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