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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Earth Science

  1. The Fujita Scale is used to classify intensities of:

    1. hurricanes
    2. tornadoes
    3. earthquakes
    4. volcanic eruptions

    Answer: B

  2. The ability of rock or soil to transmit water is called its:

    1. permeability
    2. porosity
    3. viscosity
    4. wetability

    Answer: A

  3. Which of the following is NOT likely to have been formed by glaciers:

    1. aręte
    2. hanging valley
    3. fjord
    4. dike

    Answer: D

  4. A glacier that has neither advanced nor retreated for many years deposits which of the following:

    1. terminal moraine
    2. end moraine
    3. ground moraine
    4. medial moraine

    Answer: B

  5. A high pressure center is associated with what kind of weather:

    1. warm and dry
    2. warm and wet
    3. cool and dry
    4. cool and wet

    Answer: C

  6. Which is the best reason for proposing that a boulder lying in an area that was once glaciated is an erratic:

    1. it is of a different composition than the underlying rock
    2. it is rounded and worn
    3. it is larger than any surrounding rocks
    4. it is located near a glacial lake

    Answer: A

  7. Which of the following latitudes and dates would coincide with the longest duration of insolation:

    1. 23 ˝oSouth on September 21
    2. 50oNorth on June 21
    3. 50oSouth on March 21
    4. 0oon June 21

    Answer: B

  8. A famous downslope wind that occurs in North America on the East side of the Rocky Mountains is called a:

    1. sirocco
    2. mistral
    3. foehn
    4. chinook

    Answer: D

  9. A tropical storm will be declared a hurricane when:

    1. there is evidence of eye formation
    2. wind speeds reach 64 mph
    3. wind gusts are in excess of 74 mph
    4. there is evidence of eye formation and sustained wind speeds of 74 mph

    Answer: D

  10. Which is NOT true about the concentration of methane gas in the atmosphere:

    1. it is generated by biological activity related to rice cultivation
    2. it is generated as a byproduct of the digestive processes of cattle
    3. it is generated as a byproduct of refrigerants and aerosols
    4. it has an atmospheric lifetime of about 10 years

    Answer: C

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