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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Chemistry

  1. According to Bronsted-Lowry definition, a base is:

    1. a proton donor
    2. an electron donor
    3. a proton acceptor
    4. an electron acceptor

    Answer: C

  2. Which of the following represents the simplest chemical formula:

    1. empirical formula
    2. molecular formula
    3. structural formula
    4. primary formula

    Answer: A

  3. Which of the following instruments would typically be used to measure the smallest quantities of mass:

    1. double-pan balance
    2. triple-beam hanging balance
    3. triple-beam platform balance
    4. analytic balance

    Answer: D

  4. Which one of the following statements is true about the neutralization of an acid by a base:

    1. the pH decreases when the base is added to the acid
    2. a salt and water are end products
    3. gas is an end product
    4. organic compounds are end products

    Answer: B

  5. The property of water which permits an insect to “walk” on water is:

    1. viscosity
    2. surface tension
    3. tensile strength
    4. turgor pressure

    Answer: B

  6. Magnesium can exist as three naturally occurring isotopes. These isotopes would all have the same:

    1. atomic weight
    2. number of neutrons
    3. number of protons
    4. nucleus

    Answer: C

  7. In the chemistry lab, for safety reasons, when a concentrated acid is mixed with water:

    1. the water is always added to the acid
    2. the acid is always added to the water
    3. these can only be mixed at cold temperatures
    4. these can never be mixed

    Answer: B

  8. Which of the following is NOT true of helium?

    1. deep sea divers breath a mixture of helium and oxygen
    2. breathing helium causes a temporary change in the pitch and quality of one’s voice
    3. helium gas is commonly used by dentists as a mild anesthetic
    4. a mixture of helium and neon gas produced the first gas laser

    Answer: C

  9. Which of the following has the same electron configuration as neon:

    1. Ar
    2. F
    3. Cl-
    4. Na+

    Answer: D

  10. Which of the following is true of bases:

    1. they give rise to hydrogen ions when dissolved in water
    2. they are substances that accept or react with hydrogen ions
    3. they always contain the hydroxide ion in it’s structure
    4. they have a pH below 7

    Answer: B

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