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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Biology

  1. The exchange of gases between blood and the tissue occurs normally in:

    1. venules
    2. arterioles
    3. veins
    4. capillaries

    Answer: D

  2. In the cell cycle, DNA synthesis occurs during:

    1. mitosis
    2. G1
    3. G2
    4. interphase

    Answer: D

  3. Growth and development are synonymous, respectively, with which of the following:

    1. division and multiplication
    2. multiplication and division
    3. multiplication and differentiation
    4. zygote and embryo

    Answer: C

  4. DNA is produced from RNA:

    1. by reverse transcriptase
    2. by an oligoside
    3. by DNA polymerase
    4. in yeast as a protective measure

    Answer: A

  5. Which of the following does NOT belong to the Class Arachnida:

    1. spider
    2. tick
    3. mite
    4. shrimp

    Answer: D

  6. Transfer RNA with an amino acid attached to it is called:

    1. a charged tRNA
    2. an amino acyl tRNA
    3. a tRNA with an amino acid attached
    4. t-primed RNA

    Answer: B

  7. Which of the following is true about a brain cell from a ‘normal’ individual human:

    1. some DNA sequences are present in multiple copies
    2. most of the DNA codes for protein
    3. most genes are transcribed
    4. most genes are arranged in operon-like clusters

    Answer: A

  8. An example of negative feedback control is when:

    1. the end product of a metabolic pathway inhibits an earlier reaction
    2. the initial enzyme of a metabolic pathway inhibits a later reaction
    3. the end product of a metabolic pathway stimulates an earlier reaction
    4. the initial product of a metabolic pathway inhibits the next reaction

    Answer: A

  9. Which of the following is the term for when a segment of a chromosome rotates 180 degrees and rejoins the same chromosome:

    1. deletion
    2. inversion
    3. translocation
    4. duplication

    Answer: B

  10. A newborn baby’s immunity, which is acquired from the mother, is often referred to as:

    1. active immunity
    2. passive immunity
    3. bistander immunity
    4. physical immunity

    Answer: B

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