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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Biology

  1. Which of the following fins is NOT found on fish:

    1. pectoral
    2. lateral
    3. dorsal
    4. pelvic

    Answer: B

  2. In mammals, the embryos have a physiological connection to the mothers body during development. This is an example of:

    1. viviparity
    2. ovoviviparity
    3. oviparity
    4. parity

    Answer: A

  3. The following pathway, CO2 + H2O + energy yields (CH2O)n + O2, represents which of the following:

    1. cellular respiration
    2. photosynthesis
    3. an irreversible reaction
    4. glycolysis

    Answer: B

  4. George Gamow made a contribution to biology by correctly interpreting the:

    1. X-ray crystallographic structure of DNA
    2. existence of reverse transcriptase
    3. minimum number of letters in the code for amino acids
    4. existence of oncogenes

    Answer: C

  5. Which of the following accounts for the largest decline in death rate in the USA between the years 1900 and 1990:

    1. accidents
    2. cancer
    3. cardiovascular disease
    4. infectious disease

    Answer: D

  6. Physicians give patients immuno-suppressing drugs after an organ transplant to prevent:

    1. infection
    2. a graft verses host response
    3. rejection of the transplant
    4. viral infections

    Answer: C

  7. Which of the following does NOT directly function in the cytoskeleton:

    1. microtubules
    2. microfilaments
    3. spectrin
    4. actin

    Answer: C

  8. Stems grow longer by creating new cells at their tips, in a region known as the:

    1. terminal division section
    2. terminal mitotic
    3. shoot apical meristem
    4. apical terminus

    Answer: C

  9. In a typical cell, cytokinesis overlaps with:

    1. S phase
    2. metaphase
    3. anaphase
    4. telophase

    Answer: D

  10. Francesco Redi is known for an experiment that refuted which of the following theories:

    1. the theory of spontaneous generation
    2. phlogiston theory
    3. the theory of bad humors
    4. the theory that disease was caused by astrological events

    Answer: A

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