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Science Bowl Sample Questions : Biology

  1. Bacteria are more likely used to produce which of the following:

    1. gelatin
    2. wine
    3. pasteurized milk
    4. vinegar

    Answer: D

  2. Which of the following is NOT a nematode:

    1. pinworm
    2. hookworm
    3. tapeworm
    4. ascaris

    Answer: C

  3. Assuming a male mammal has an x-linked recessive gene which exhibits a certain characteristic phenotypic trait, which of the following is NOT true:

    1. all of his daughters will be carriers
    2. all of his sons will exhibit the trait
    3. there is a 50% chance his daughters will pass the recessive allele to their sons
    4. none of his sons will pass the recessive allele

    Answer: B

  4. Which of the following is MOST accurate for eukaryotic cells:

    1. introns are spliced out of pre-mRNA
    2. introns are spliced out of pre-DNA
    3. exons are spliced out of pre-mRNA
    4. exons are spliced out of pre-DNA

    Answer: A

  5. The tectorial membrane is found in which of the following anatomical structures of a human:

    1. inner ear
    2. eye
    3. testes
    4. ovaries

    Answer: A

  6. Plants gather wavelengths of light NOT absorbed by the main chlorophyll a and b through:

    1. photosystem I
    2. photosystem II
    3. accessory pigments
    4. carotenoids

    Answer: C

  7. Which of the following is not caused by a virus:

    1. mumps
    2. yellow fever
    3. small pox
    4. leprosy

    Answer: D

  8. In the classification of organisms, four of the 5 Kingdoms are Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, and Protista. What is the fifth?

    Answer: Monera

  9. Order the following from the largest taxonomic group to the smallest group: order, genus, kingdom, class, family, species

    Answer: Kingdom, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

  10. The biological term for programmed cell death is:

    Answer: Apoptosis

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